What The Chiropractic Movement Needs Most

Here’s an interesting article we found on the daily struggles we face as a chiropractor and more interestingly, what we might have to do to move forward.

Chiropractors are on the front lines of alternative medicine, with over 75,000 strong. But they face serious challenges from the conventional medical establishment many of which we at Greenmedinfo.com believe we have solved. 

Chiropractic & GreenMedInfo: A Match Made In Biomedical Heaven

Chiropractors are by far the largest group of alternative health practitioners in the U.S. today, with over 75,000 strong. Clearly their popularity demonstates they are doing something right by their patients. But despite their burgeoning popularity, they are faced with serious challenges that we at Greenmedinfo.com believe we can help mitigate, if not entirely overcome. The reality is that, often, chiropractors are the only healthcare professionals in their local communities with courage to challenge the status quo and advocate for drug-free, natural alternatives.  This innate courageousness does, however, come with a set of specific liabilities and challenges.

Why Is Chiropractic Care So Different?

First, chiropractic philosophy is rooted in the belief that the body is inherently intelligent, and when interference is removed – spinal blockages (subluxations), toxins, etc., — self-healing will naturally occur. Conventional medicine, on the other hand, is rooted in the allopathic model of the disease where suppressing symptoms with chemical drugs is the primary intervention. It considers the body a machine destined to break down, focusing on suppressing symptoms to ‘manage’ the disease palliatively; often ignorant or unconcerned with identifying and resolving root causes — which incidentally, is why pill-pushing Big Pharma and their trillion dollar coffers simply loves it!

Source: http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/what-chiropractic-movement-needs-most

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